wireless ems training

BB905 smart fitness pants is a professional ems machine for ems fitness studio, which can carry out a variety of business development. High quality and effective EMS training, improve usage, further reduce your exercise time cost, improve exercise efficiency, and regain perfect body.

Product Description



1 * Training pants

1 * Operating system (Android phone or tablet)

1 * Energy box for connecting the Bluetooth control box of the training suit

1 * charger

1 * Instruction manual

Wireless EMS Training Pants


1. The electrode material uses exclusive silver fiber material, no need to spray water;

2, the clothing material is also lightweight and durable, antibacterial, easy to care features;

3, the functional service size has XXS-XXL optional;

4, machine washable;

Wireless EMS Training Application


1. Smartphone APP control, bluetooth4.2 connection, let efficient exercise can be carried out anytime, anywhere

2. 5 large mode design helps fast fitness fat burning: weight loss mode, relaxation mode, detox mode, conditioning mode, massage mode

3. The strength of different parts can be adjusted separately, and the maximum intensity can reach 100.

4. Support Android and iOS system use

5. Support background data collection and statistics, record calorie consumption, and realize full visualization of muscle-reduction and fat-reducing training.

6. There is no limit on the number of uses, it can be used for different people's training every day to get more profit.

Wireless EMS Training Function Box


1. Wireless Bluetooth link, easy to connect within 400 meters, convenient for efficient exercise anytime, anywhere

2. Very small, only 0.05kg, very easy to carry

3. Connect to the clothes: card slot, wear in 3 seconds, fast fit, not easy to fall off

4.ABS plastic shell, resistant to wear and tear

5. Contains smart chip, perfect transmission pulse energy

6. It only takes 2 hours to charge, and you can continue to use it for 6-8 hours.

Wireless EMS Training Characteristics


1. High efficiency, short time, obvious effect; 20 minutes of exercise, quite a long 2 hours of exercise

2. Eliminate orange peel (common female thighs), and current pulse repair skin tissue; achieve greater muscle stimulation by pulse size;

3. Whole muscle fracture helps increase muscle mass and promotes basal metabolism through muscle mass, helping to burn fat;

4. Deeply stimulate muscles, increase muscle resolution, increase growth hormone, and maximize muscle secretion;

5. Enhance bones, reduce osteoporosis, reduce fracture risk and improve joint strength;

6. Activate and strengthen the entire core (waist - pelvis - hip complex) to improve low back pain and neck and neck discomfort;

7. Training muscles by current pulse instead of weight, greatly reducing joint damage and playing an important role in post-traumatic rehabilitation.

8. More complete and more complex stimulation of deep muscle groups and small muscle groups;

9. Postpartum rehabilitation, to resolve the separation of the rectus abdominis and pregnant women during pregnancy, to prevent low back pain.

Wireless EMS Training Service


1. We offer a 1-year warranty on our system and a 3-month warranty on our kit.

2. Our factory provides technical support directly, with a skilled technical team and a team of engineers.

3. Our factory provides professional user manuals, free training for machine operation in our factory, and is provided by our professional training department.

4. Custom LOGO, packaging card, change materials, colors, shapes

5. Sample of the offer: Acceptable.

6.ODM: We have some inventory of about 5,000 pieces, and we can also produce more according to your order.

7. Quality control and inspection:

a) We have experience to control high quality and must be inspected twice per production.

b) Third party inspection: Acceptable.

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