Wireless Ems Training Suit Price

EMS Training clothing can be widely used for collect body signal or used for ECG, EEG , EMG and some low & medium frequency impulse physical therapy stimulate and body training machine, Fitness and beauty slimming. 20 high-tech electrodes and Almost whole body can be activated.

Product Description

The Wireless Ems Training Suit Description

The Wireless Ems Training Suit for home and on the road.
Boxing, Pilates or Yoga. Muscle building, endurance or fat reduction. There are as many types of sports and training as there are people who train. Get the most out of yourself with Wireless Ems Training Suit. 20 minutes of EMS training replace up to 4 hours of classic workout. The maximum output increases by up to 30% in a few weeks. Muscle mass increases by up to 14% in a few months.


The Wireless Ems Training Suit Personal System consists of the following components:

*1 Bodytech box
Bluetooth control box to pair with your Apple iPhone 5s or newer or iPad Air or newer.
App Download from the Apple Appstore.
Android app for smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 (available from Q3.2019):
Functionality depends on Android smartphone model

*1 Bodytech Powersuit
Suit sizes optional(Unisex):
The sizes are based on regular sizes.
The suit is made of flexible fabric and thus covers up to two sizes.
If the selected size does not fit, you can change the suit to another size within 3 days.

*1 Battery charger
Inpt: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz 1000mA (max)
DC 12-24V 3000mA (min)
Output: DC 8.4V / 12.6V / 16.8V

*1 Instruction manual


The Wireless Ems Training Suit System

5 training programmes
The intuitively designed software allows for quick and safe operation. Select the desired training programme from the 5 preinstalled programmes.

1)Fat burn

Fat burn mode is designed for those who want to lose weight, increase muscle ratio and reduce body fat through muscle formation and metabolic activation


Relax mode for relaxing the body, reducing stress and promoting blood circulation in the tissues. At the same time, it promotes the endorphins secreted by the human body, and produces a pleasant feeling.


Detox mode eliminates accumulated metabolites and greatly improves blood circulation, which is beneficial to the discharge of metabolic waste. At the same time, it is also an effective way to improve the skin


The Recuperate mode is largely stimulated as well as Type II fast fibers, which stimulate and balance muscles and strength. At the same time, it will promote the increase of basal metabolic rate, so as to achieve body conditioning.


In the massage mode, a pulse climbing system is added. Through the gentle rise and fall of the pulse curve, the depth and strength of the "massage" are accurately increased, which has a good physical and physiological effect on the internal environment and bioelectric field of muscle tissue.

Due to the high effectiveness and the associated muscular effort, we recommend not to do more than three training sessions of 20 minutes each per week. The body needs regeneration periods to process the training. For health reasons, the duration of use is limited to 90 minutes per week.

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