Smart Ems Pants

The ems bodysuit is high elastic and close to skin and the electrode is anti-oxidate. For the wire inside the suit, now we use fabric wire which it mean good conductivity and low resistance.

Product Description

Smart Ems Pants


About Pants

High-tech carbon fiber electrodes,Covers the muscle of  abdomen,haunch,&leg 

Lightweight and durable, antibacterial, easy to maintain.

No need to Spray water,hand or machine washable.


About Application

Wireless APP. 

User friendly interface,Simple operation.

6 training Mode available(Conditioning mode, metabolism mode, massage mode, repair mode, relaxation mode, auto mode).

Training  time ,impluse strenght  can be adjustable.


About Energy Box

Small, light and portable

It is easy to operate


Who is Smart Ems Pants for?

For housewife

For bodybuilders

For high-performance athletes

For Rehabilitation

For Urban white-collar workers

For obese people


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