Pro Ems Training Suit

EMS Training clothing can be widely used for collect body signal or used for ECG, EEG , EMG and some low & medium frequency impulse physical therapy stimulate and body training machine, Fitness and beauty slimming. 20 high-tech electrodes and Almost whole body can be activated.

Product Description



Physical therapy stimulate and body training machine,Fitness and beauty slimming.

Excellent conductivity,low resistance,washable for many times without losing its feature

Reasonable price and higher quality,CE certificate

Ems training suit for electro fitness and matched with ems fitenss machine


Training suit:

Silicone carbon, silver fiber electrode,high-tech high-elastic guide line

flexible to wear,This offers your maximum freedom of movement during nearly any sport

non toxic, durable and washable for 200 times in purified water

light weight, anti-bacteria textile fabric electrode



Muscle stimulation                

Body building

Increase strength while shaping & toning muscle                    

Weight loss, visible result

Significantly reduce body weight. Target problem areas and increase overall metabolism                   

Tone Up

Develop a tighter and more toned body



This revolutionary Pro Ems Training Suit  package uses the latest EMS technology to help you get the body of your dreams. (without even lifting a finger)

Made of top quality materials and packed full of features, this trainer can be used to stimulate your core, arms, back, shoulder & lower body to get strong and healthy muscles at lightning speed...

Pro Ems Training Suit  package even does a better job activating your muscles than traditional exercise! 

Use it anywhere you want, easy to get started with one touch...

EMS Technology

EMS is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.

Easy to attach and ready to operate at a single touch, comfortable and cordless EMS training with Pro Ems Training Suit.

Comfortable & Effective

Use different exercises and have full control over intensity according to your own needs.

Targeted Training 

Work on 14 different muscle groups. Boost muscle strength, power, and endurance plus enjoy a speedy post-training recovery - you will feel more relaxed due to the incredible massage effect.

Burn fat, strengthen muscles and shape body easily in anytime.

"20 minutes with the Pro Ems Training Suit equal to running 1500 meters, or swimming for half an hour."

Customize your training to target the muscle groups you rely on the most. Improve muscle tone and definition, reduce muscle soreness and warm up safely.

Once kitted out in the high tech gear with Pro Ems Training Suit  you will be taken through a set of bodyweight exercises. These familiar yet effective movements are designed to strengthen your body and kick-start your metabolism while remaining gentle on the joints.

The Pro Ems Training Suit  will have you doing the likes of squats, bicep curls and planks, while your muscles contract at a high intensity.

It's an effective and safe way to train and will help improve your strength, speed and power along with increasing your muscular tone quickly.


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2 . Factory ---1600 square meters, more than 100 working staff, R&D department composed of 20 engineers.

3 . Service--2 year warranty and 12/24 online after-sale service.

4 . Marketing---distribution channels cover 137 countries.

5 . Certificate---iso9001.CE europe,technical patent ,safety test report.

6 . OEM/ODM ---strong oem & odm capability available.

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