Pro Ems Training Suit For Sale

The training suit have designed and manufactured last for many years.Our Body Tech Training Suit features a modular system, the separate electrodes and cables make maintenance easy and very cost-effective.

Product Description

Product Overview of Pro Ems Training Suit For Sale

Through the electric pulse that the muscle produces a rhythmic contraction according to a predetermined tension, thereby achieving the thereby achieving the loss weight,cellulite reduction ...

The main components include: EMS Sport Training Suit+Controller box+App,control by App,connection by bluetooth, you can use it at home,at studio,at outside.

20 minutes a day, equivalent to 2 hours of traditional gym training!!One week use 2-3 times ,you can see the obvious effect!!!

By offering EMS training you can attract new clients to your business or practice who may be interested in your other services as well. Even though EMS training is getting more and more popular it still has a low competition and it is considered as a unique and exciting service that can create a promising marketing and growth opportunity in your local area for your business.

Feature of  Pro Ems Training Suit 

-Antibacterial, tear resistance material

-Can washable, can be machine washable,the cable and electrode can be removed. 

-The vest or cable can be purchased separately.

-There are tightening belt on the vest full body. 

-We offer 3 monthes Warranty for the vest, Quality problems during the warranty period, non-malicious damage, We support free replacement within 1 week. 


-Available size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL 

Six Patterns

       Fat burn
Pulse frequency: 65Hz (not adjustable)             Pulse width: 350 us (not adjustable)  
Pulse time: 4S/4S (adjustable)                            Pulse rise: 0.4S (not adjustable) 
Pulse drop: 0S (not adjustable)
Pulse frequency: 85Hz (not adjustable)            Pulse width: 350 us (not adjustable) 
Pulse time: 4S/4S (adjustable)                           Pulse rise: 0S (not adjustable) 
Pulse drop: 0S (not adjustable)
Pulse frequency: 85Hz (not adjustable)           Pulse width: 350 us (not adjustable)
Pulse time: 2S/2S (adjustable)                          Pulse rise: 3S (adjustable)
Pulse drop: 3S (adjustable)
Pulse frequency: 7Hz (not adjustable)             Pulse width: 350 us (not adjustable)
Pulse time: 30S/5S (adjustable)                        Pulse rise: 0S (not adjustable)
Pulse drop: 0S (not adjustable)
Pulse frequency: 85Hz (not adjustable)           Pulse width: 350 us (not adjustable)
Pulse time: 2S/2S (adjustable)                          Pulse rise: 3S (adjustable)
Pulse drop: 3S (adjustable)
Pulse frequency: 1Hz (adjustable)                    Pulse width: 500 us (adjustable)
Pulse time: 1S/0S (adjustable)                          Pulse rise: 0S (adjustable)
Pulse drop: 0S (adjustable)

FAQ Of  Pro Ems Training Suit

Q: Will I get wet the EMS Sport Training Suit during workout?

A: In order to ensure appropriate impulse transfer electrode surfaces need to be dampened for good contact between the machine and the customer.


Q: Do I have to move or exercise during workout?

A: Yes,  augments the favourable effects of EMS workout as opposed to exercising alone.


Q: Who holds the training sessions?

A: The Better recruit a qualified personal fitness trainers who help you perform the exercises correctly with the right body posture. They also demonstrate and perform the exercises with you, give advice on the right dietary regime and naturally


Q: Can I eat immediately before workout?

A: In order to achieve an optimum workout effect you should consume high-carb food 2.5 to 3 hours before the session. You should not eat two hours before workout to avoid abdominal discomfort.


Q: What and how much should I drink before workout?

A: Drink at least half a litre of water 30 to 40 minutes before workout to keep your body sufficiently hydrated. Sufficient fluid intake (2 to 3 litres per day) is an essential part of a proper dietary regime.


Q: Can I wear my own clothes, and if so, what should they be like?

A: You can if it is made of at least 95% cotton, is skin-tight, with long sleeves and legs.


Q: Is 2x20-minute workout a week enough?

A: The weekly amount of workout recommended by EMS Sport Training Suit with machine is 2x20 minutes. Unless you do other exercises as well, 3 training sessions a week are allowed with at least a 48-hour rest period between the sessions.


Q: Can I do more than 3 EMS Sport Training Suit sessions a week?

A: It is not recommended as the high intensity of EMS sessions requires a 2 to 3-day regeneration period. It is important to have sufficient rest time as too little rest can produce symptoms of overexertion.

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