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Bodytech Per Ems Suit

EMS suit

What is an EMS suit?

There are 20 pads inside the protective clothing that send electrical current to the muscles, causing them to contract and expand quickly. EMS technology is more commonly used in physical therapy to prevent muscle atrophy or prolonged inactivity after surgery.


How does EMS burn fat?

We have found that the best way to maximize the benefits of exercise and burning calories is to use whole body muscle stimulation (WB-EMS). You can get more muscle contraction in a shorter time, thereby maximizing strength and burning fat in a shorter time.


How many calories does EMS burn?

EMS is the latest cutting-edge technology, you can burn up to 500 calories in a 20-minute training session.


Overview EMS

20 minutes of low-intensity training = 1 hour of exercise.

Burn more calories and lose weight faster

More effectively increases muscle strength and density.

Speed up exercise recovery

with intuitive training with stimulation instructions.

Personalized training plan meets your fitness level and goals


Once 20 minutes, twice a week

With EMS technology, you can train better, burn fat faster and accelerate recovery more effectively. Using a Balanx suit for 20 minutes of exercise is equivalent to not doing 1 hour of exercise. Get a personalized training plan that matches your fitness level and goals through the Balanx App.


Weight loss: reach the aerobic threshold as soon as possible. Burn more calories and lose weight faster.

Muscle workout: increase muscle strength and density more effectively.

Self-cultivation and training: Strategic training of certain muscle groups to make them slimmer and more specific.

Enhance sports performance: Improve the speed, strength and endurance of any sport. Take your performance to a new level.

Injury recovery: The body can be recovered more effectively without weight training and joint injuries.

Exercise for the elderly: exercise safely without hurting the joints and spine.

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