Fat Burning Ems Training Suit

Ems manufacturers Workout pants model BB905 Plattform:Android/iOS phone,tablet service:OEM ODM Technology:advanced EMS electro fitness Suit Material:Spandex/Cotton/silver fiber/silicone Size:XXS-XXL

Product Description

The Characteristics Of Fat Burning Ems Training Suit

1. Elastic shaping
2. Comfortable
3. Stable slip
4. Smooth fit
5. Light and fast drying
6. Not easy to fade
7.4-5 level is not easy to play
8. No smell

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More details Of Fat Burning Ems Training Suit

  • Fat Burning Ems Training Suit use Polyester-ammonia knitted fabric, rebound wrap, light and sporty experience, delicate and smooth wear

  • The elastic elastic band of the pants, stable support, easy to wear and take off, easy to run and jump training

  • High waist design, stylish style, visually decorated waistline, personalized trend details

  • Smooth sewing process, workmanship, reduce activity friction, evenly fit the line

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What Will Fat Burning Ems Training Suit bring to you?

1)Always sexy online, easy to shape peach hip
The double stitching design of EMS manufacturer yoga pants leggings on the buttocks helps to enhance the hip line and visually create a more three-dimensional peach hip

2)The upper body sees the shaping effect
Made of 88% polyester fiber + 12% spandex blended fabric, double 8.5CM widened and high elastic waist seal, lengthen the leg visual ratio, adapt to more body types

3)Say goodbye to the stagnation, smooth movement and new experience
Bounce and other large-scale movements are no longer restrained, and the elastic elastic fabric + built-in elastic trousers + double-line hem pants, multiple stable and fixed type, let you freely practice.

4)Fitness is fast and effective
20 minutes ems training, equivalent to 4-6 hours of traditional training, fitness anytime, anywhere

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What Place Will Choose Fat Burning Ems Training Suit:

1)when u running at outdoor,Very easy, no burden

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2)When you doing yoga at home or rest at home

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3)When you training at fitness center or gym

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