Ems Training Suit

The ems bodysuit is high elastic and close to skin and the electrode is anti-oxidate. For the wire inside the suit, now we use fabric wire which it mean good conductivity and low resistance.

Product Description


BODYTECH System is ElectroFitness


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EMS training is the revolutionary way to get a healthy, beautiful and strong body in record time. It allows us to train in groups in a fun and effective way. Fully wireless, with a range of up to 500 meters thanks to its exclusive BT technology.

The combination of the localized electrical impulses transmitted by Ems Training Suit and the training routine cause a waste of energy and an alteration of the basal metabolism which produces an increase in muscle mass, fast weight loss, butt toning, abdominal strengthening and a straight posture. The Ems Training Suit transmits low- and medium- frequency electricity through 8 independent channels which work just on the muscles.

Smart EMS Software:

The only EMS software which automatically changes programmes within a training protocol after setting the pulse intensity levels at the start of a session as it’s capable of smart pulse intensity adjustment for each muscle group. 


✅Pre-established and free programs for each type of treatment: Cardio, Fitness, Rehabilitation, Cellulitis, etc.

✅Election Ramp System: it allows using higher intensities, at a deeper level and with more pleasant sensations.

✅Total freedom of movement: a wireless system with autonomy for at least 10 training sessions at a distance of up to 500 meters.

✅Antibacterial, light and resistant suits, which have electrodes moving freely to the area of interest in training.

✅Different models depending on your training profile: medical, sports or aesthetic.

✅The chance to train with multiple users at the same time, each of them with their own specific parameters.


Ems Training Suit is a comprehensive training which uses electrical current impulses. In daily life, our central nervous system constantly sends electrical impulses to control our muscular actions.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation uses this natural principle to reach the deepest muscular layers which are hard to activate through common training. This is possible thanks to the EMS Training suit, a special training bodysuit that provides additional stimulus to the muscle from the outside.


What kind of businesses can count on 

The BODYTECH technology is mainly directed at three sectors: sports, health and aesthetics. In each of them, there are businesses that can benefit from the Ems Training Suit, among which we highlight:


hospitals, rehabilitation centres, health centres, public or private physiotherapists…


Sports centres, sports organizations, sports in general, high performance athletes. Gyms, training centres specialized in EMS, personal trainers…


all those businesses dedicated to the aesthetic care of the body, such as beauty and wellness centres.

Advantages of ems training suit

· 1. The system can be operated on a tablet that supports Android system;

· 2. The system supports coaches to train up to 4 members at the same time;

· 3. Completely wireless equipment, unique radio frequency technology, stable and reliable;

· 4. A system of 8 independent channels to stimulate human muscles;

· 5. The innovative climbing system perfectly simulates the muscle contraction habits of the human body and is more effective in EMS movement;

· 6. The design of the magnetic connection between the clothing and the function box, free movement;

· 7. Special silver fiber material is used for the functional clothing without water spray;

· 8. The training time and frequency are unlimited, and the use is more convenient;

Features of ems training suit

  1. High efficiency, short time, obvious effect; 20 minutes of exercise, quite long 2 hours of exercise

  2. Eliminate orange peel (common in fat female thighs), and the current pulse repair skin tissue; through pulse size to achieve more intense muscle stimulation;

  3. Whole muscle rupture helps increase muscle mass and promote basal metabolism through muscle mass, helping to burn fat;

  4. Deeply stimulate muscles, increase muscle resolution, increase growth hormone, maximize muscle secretion;

  5. Strengthen bones, reduce osteoporosis, reduce fracture risk, and increase joint strength;

  6. Activate and enhance the entire core (lumbar-pelvis-hip complex) to improve low back pain and neck and neck discomfort;

  7. Replacing weight training muscles with current pulses, greatly reducing joint damage and playing an important role in post-traumatic rehabilitation.

  8. Perform more complete and complex stimulation on the deep muscle groups and small muscle groups of the muscles;

  9. Postpartum rehabilitation, resolve the separation of rectus abdominis and pregnant women during pregnancy, and prevent low back pain.

We’ll train you

For this, the purchase of the Ems Training Suit includes a complete training with our expert team, who will show the operation of both the software (parameters, uses, programs) and other tips on exercise routines adapted to the needs and profile of each person, as well as the basic principles of active muscular electro-stimulation.

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