Ems Sport Training Suit

EMS Training clothing can be widely used for collect body signal or used for ECG, EEG , EMG and some low & medium frequency impulse physical therapy stimulate and body training machine, Fitness and beauty slimming. 20 high-tech electrodes and Almost whole body can be activated.

Product Description

Safe, continuous commercial operation is paramount in developing all  Ems Sport Training Suit , with straightforward and fast handling being just as relevant as durability and reliability.

The Ems Sport Training Suit combines innovative technology, comfortable operation and a modern design in a unique system.

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Ems Sport Training Suit Information:
*Made in China
*High-quality and no need spray water electrode
*Reusable lithium-ion battery
*Training-data store system
*Virtual training video
*Future-proof due to update options
*Networkable for synchronous operation,can also be used without network
*Customizable and freely configurable
*8 channels
*Bluetooth wireless connection

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Ems Sport Training Suit Business

1)personal trainer

If you are a personal trainer ,you want to take your career to the next level, Low cost and high income bodytech can help you to achieve your career plan ,promote it to your students. We provide your product support technical support

2)EMS Studio/gym
Add some wireless ems equipment in your gym as a new project to expand your business, can be leased or sold to your customers to increase in-store revenue

You are considering new products, you need the product to be your brand, you need the supplier to fully cooperate with you, you need technical support, you need certificates,you need good quality with  best price ,all we can do for you


Ems Sport Training Suit Company information:

1)Development history

Have more than 5 years of production experience and development experience, and more than 3 years of export experience, Has been exported to more than 30 countries around the world,participate in foreign and domestic exhibitions

2)Obtain the certificate

CE,ROHS,ISO9001,FCC,ect(Continued to increase)
3)Company outlook

Ready to develop more projects, home ems, one-channel ems equipment and large beauty equipment,Continuous product updates,More participation in foreign exhibitions in the future


+86 137 5185 9330 live:544fc3edee361945 kelly@bodytech-emsfitness.com 2745487651 wxid_9hjnz6czwmi412