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Ems manufacturers Workout pants model BB905 Plattform:Android/iOS phone,tablet service:OEM ODM Technology:advanced EMS electro fitness Suit Material:Spandex/Cotton/silver fiber/silicone Size:XXS-XXL

Product Description

Have you encountered such  problems after childbirth?


  • Postpartum pelvic recovery not well, muscle elasticity is weakened, fat accumulation leads to loosening and sagging of the buttocks?

  • Caused by changes in postpartum physiological structure and changes in postpartum living habits, the pregnancy process causes temporary disruption of hypothalamic gonad function, postpartum obesity of normal body function and fat metabolism disorders?

  • Postpartum depression caused by changes in body shape?


Ems Sport Training Suit can help u solve this problem!!

Fitness exercises can produce a series of physiological changes in the body that are similar to those that refresh the mind. 

But what is better than drugs is that fitness is a blessing for people.However, to achieve obvious results, it is best to engage in aerobic exercise, such as running, gymnastics, cycling, swimming and other sports with a certain intensity, it is better to take a hot bath after exercise.However, these exercises are not allowed for postpartum pregnant women.

If the postpartum pregnant woman operates according to Bodytech 's Ems Sport Training Suit offer EMS fitness training method, it can easily meet the traditional 2 hours of exercise in 20 minutes.The use of micro-frequency waves produces a series of physiological changes in the body, which touches the psychological level so that the purpose of regulating emotions can be achieved, and the mood of the person becomes pleasant and happy.It is very helpful to adjust the mood of postpartum pregnant women by using Ems Sport Training Suit unburdened exercise.

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The core principle of Ems Sport Training Suit

The contraction movement of the muscle comes from the electrical signal control of the brain. When the electrical stimulation generated by the brain reaches the muscle through the spinal cord, it can stimulate the muscle to generate motion through the current. What EMS needs to do is to replace the brain signal, directly stimulate the motor nerve through external current, and let the muscle cause contraction movement. When using Ems Sport Training Suit equipment, the bodybuilder can also be in a state of exercise even if you do not order physical exercise.It mean!!As long as you put on our training suits and turn on the ems system, you can exercise anytime, anywhere!!

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The Main part of Ems Sport Training Suit

1)Training suit

2)energy box

3)EMS system

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