Ems Sport Training Suit For Sale

EMS Training clothing can be widely used for collect body signal or used for ECG, EEG , EMG and some low & medium frequency impulse physical therapy stimulate and body training machine, Fitness and beauty slimming. 20 high-tech electrodes and Almost whole body can be activated.

Product Description


[What does it do?]-- This Ems Sport Training Suit for abdomen/arm/leg/back/waist/glutes muscle training.It can help to tone, tighten and strength your muscles, you can gain a better figure after use this product for about 6-8 weeks.

[What is EMS Technology?]-- Ems Sport Training Suit can transfer the current signal to your muscle directly, making the muscles be in the state of training to promote muscles movement.All you need to do is to fit the pant to your body and let them exercise your muscles.

[How long do I need to use it?]-20 minutes/time and 1-2 times/day. It equals to 1500M running, 60 minutes sit-ups and swimming for 0.5h , 2 weeks of diet. There are 5 modes and 10 intensities are available to help muscle growing and fat burning.



cise suitems exercise suit/ems fitness device/ems training at home

Scientific and Advanced EMS Technology

Ems Sport Training Suit can transfer the current signal to your muscle directly,make a safe impulse on your muscles to exercise rhythmically and safely. All you need to do is to fit the gel pads to your body and enjoy this scientific and safety fitness workout equipment.

Obvious Training Effect

ems exercise suit/ems fitness device/ems training at home

Use Ems Sport Training Suit 20 minutes a day for 6 to 8 weeks and you'll get a charming figure.

  • Expedited results: Looking good is the reason most people go to gym. We can help you to tone up, lose fat, gain muscle or reduce appearance of cellulite in a very fraction of time.

  • Joint stress relief: EMS training targets the muscles independently, and the impulses are transmitted directly to the targeted muscles, bypassing the joints entirely.

  • Stronger muscles: The impulses get to the deep layers of the muscles.

  • Rapid fat loss:  Body Ems Sport Training Suit increases the muscles development rate and the calorie burning.


Multiple body parts training

This advanced Ems Sport Training Suit  is designed for abdomen, arms, waist, back, glutes, leg training. Best choice for your body muscle training.


You can use ems pant anytime, anywhere. It's very light,thin and convenient to carry. The electrode Pad can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it ideal for muscle training while working, watching a movie or doing housework etc.


Technical Parameter:


ems exercise suit/ems fitness device/ems training at home


1. Wireless EMS software, Android or IOS control.

2. Cloud-based management for training data and personal information storage.

3. There are 5 muscle groups can choose.

4. The programs have 5 different mode ---Fat burn , ---Relax ,---Detox, ---Strength, --Massage

5. Wireless BT4.2 technology control

6. Intensity: 0-99 level


8.Pulse Width:50-500us


Different modes with different effects

1. Fat Burn

The Fat Burn mode is designed for people who want to lose weight, increasing muscle ratio and reducing body fat through muscle formation and metabolic activation.

2. Relax

Relaxation mode, used by the body to relax, reduce stress and promote blood circulation in tissues. At the same time, the body secretes endorphins and produces pleasant feelings.

3. Detox

Detoxification mode, elimination of accumulated metabolites and greatly improve blood circulation, conducive to the elimination of metabolic waste. EMS training fitness suit is also an effective way to improve your skin.

4. Recuperate

Recuperate mode stimulates as much as type 2 fast fibers, stimulating and balancing muscles and strength. At the same time, it will promote the increase of the basal metabolic rate, thus achieving the body's conditioning.

5. Massage

Massage mode, pulse climbing system is added to increase the depth and intensity of "massage" accurately through the gentle rise and fall of the pulse curve, so as to produce good physical and physiological effects on the internal environment of muscle tissue and biological electric field


Enjoy ems training any time and anywhere

ems exercise suit/ems fitness device/ems training at homeems exercise suit/ems fitness device/ems training at home


1)Gym, fitness center, studio


3)Outdoor sports

4)Athletes training


Company Information


ems exercise suit/ems fitness device/ems training at home




ems exercise suit/ems fitness device/ems training at home


ems exercise suit/ems fitness device/ems training at home


Guangdong Bote Health Technology Co., Ltd, over 5 years of manufacturing experience,

BODYTECH is a manufacturer of ems devices and EMS training fitness suit for fitness, beauty and medical applications.

Our factory covers over 1000 square meter and power with ISO9001, CE certificate, power with professional and experienced R & D, production, distribution and service team.

We are always dedicated to provide modular, cost-effective and high performance devices to global practitioners.  Welcome OEM and ODM. Join in and grow with us.


What we offer

We make it easy, make your investment profitable:


· Technology: Our R&D team uses the latest technological innovations to apply them in new versions of the software of our equipment and EMS training fitness suit.


· Marketing support: BODYTECH offers all the necessary material for online and offline advertising with all the corporate material such as dossiers, brochures, manuals, etc.


· After-sales service: if you have any problem after purchasing the equipment, we offer personalized attention to solve it as soon as possible. The user can solve 90% of failures themselves with the acquired knowledge, or problems can be solved online. If the problem were due to defective parts of the equipment, it would be replaced in the shortest time possible.

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