Ems Fitness Training Suit For Sale

The ems bodysuit is high elastic and close to skin and the electrode is anti-oxidate. For the wire inside the suit, now we use fabric wire which it mean good conductivity and low resistance.

Product Description


The Ems Fitness Training Suit is like a second skin, even as you put it on it gives you that “feel good” sensation. 

You can start training immediately, and after a short time you will see a significant increase in performance. A positive change in the body, tailored to your personal needs.

Material:58%polyamide,10% elasthane

               2%Silver fiber antibacterial wire,Remove 2% silver ion antibacterial, anti-mildew

Electrode:20pcs electrode, 5%Carbon silicon conductive adhesive,no need wet

Channel:8 channels 

Size:XXS-XXL(Customizable size)


3 (18)

ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE - THE Ems Fitness Training Suit BOX

Small, light and with good grip – yet full of power. This is how the Home gym equipment wireless ems box docks onto the Home gym equipment wireless ems Powersuit and provides it with the most intelligent frequency variation in the field of EMS training.
Barely bigger than a Smartphone, but complete with new impulses for the EMS training of the future: all of our know-how has gone into the small Home gym equipment wireless ems box – and it goes directly into the Home gym equipment wireless ems Powersuit via highly conductive magnetic heads.

Shell Material:Flame retardant, scratch resistant, ABS material

Battery:High-density lithium battery 2650 mAh

Connectivity solutions:High magnetic connection scheme

Bluetooth technology:Bluetooth 4.2,effective connection range of more than 100 meters



THE Ems Fitness Training Suit system

1)Wireless EMS suit
The box is wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth and attached onto the Powersuit. No hindrances, no restriction of movement.

2)6 training programmes
The intuitively designed software allows for quick and safe operation. Select the desired training programme from the 6 preinstalled programmes.

3)Background management system

4)15 Languages


1)For whom is the Ems Fitness Training Suit training EMS / PDT system suitable?

The Ems Fitness Training Suit system is suitable for anyone who wants to be physically active and wants to achieve excellent results in a short time.
It gives a boost to all sports activities, but above all, it is excellent for strength training. And it does so without heavy weights.

Our formula is: muscles burn fat. Toned muscles burn even more fat and make you more efficient in your everyday life.

2)How is this different from the studio system?

Unlike the Studio version, the use of the Home Edition is limited to 90 minutes per week. In addition, the maximum performance is limited to 75% of the studio version. This restriction serves the safety of the exerciser.

3)Can I wash the suit?
For care and maintenance of the fabric the following washing guidelines are recommended:
Gentle cycle (easy-care) at a maximum of 30°C. Maximum spin speed: 800 min. Wash the suit in the mesh laundry bag that is provided, do not turn it inside out. Fasten all Velcro closures before washing.
An appropriate sports or mild detergent (without bleach) should be used. Do not use fabric softener.
Washing instructions may also be found on our Support page.

4)How often should I train using the EMS system?

The home gym equipment wireless  EMS system is a highly effective muscle stimulation training programme that should be used no more than twice a week for 20 minutes each time.

5)How many workout sessions per week can I do with the Ems Fitness Training Suit?

Due to the high efficiency and the accompanying muscular effort, we recommend that you do not do more than three sessions of 20 minutes each per week.
The body needs time to regenerate and process the training that is done. For health reasons, this has caused us to limit the usage to 90 minutes per week.
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