Ems Fitness Training Price

The training suit have designed and manufactured last for many years.Our Body Tech Training Suit features a modular system, the separate electrodes and cables make maintenance easy and very cost-effective.

Product Description

-Quick Details of Ems Fitness Training Price


Feature:Anti-Puffiness, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction, Detox, Wrinkle Remover, Weight Loss

Operation System:ems muscle stimulator

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:bodytech

Model Number:BBModel906

Application:For Commercial & Home Use, home/gym/sport field

Product name:Ems Fitness Training Price

Plattform:Android/iOS phone,tablet

service:OEM ODM

Technology:advanced EMS electro fitness

Suit Material:Spandex/Cotton/silver fiber/silicone


Agent:OEM Device or Software

Keywords:Ems Fitness Training Price

Payment term:TT/Paypal /Western union

Warranty:Electro Muscle Stimulation Vest (3 months) , Engergy (1 years)

Certification:CE, CTT, EMC, ROHS, SGS,GTS.

Shipping (No need to pay extra shipping cost):DHL,UPS,FedEX,EMS,TNT and etc.

Lead time:7-10 days after receiving your payment

--Supply Ability Of Whole body electrical stimulation

Supply Ability:200 Piece/Pieces per Month

--Packaging & Delivery of Whole body electrical stimulation

Packaging Details:International export cartons , wooden box


--Parameter of Whole body electrical stimulation

Equipment weight:590g

Equipment size:135*38*90mm

Period of use:2 year

Battery capacity:6200mAh

Charging rating:DC5V-Must be a standard 5V charge

Battery voltage:DC3.85V

The output voltage:<=160V or <=100V

Output frequency:0.5-200Hz

Output pulse width:30-500us

Operating temperature and humidity:10℃-40℃,30%-85%RH

Transport and storage temperature and humidity:-40℃~55℃,10%RH~93%RH

Operating pressure:860-1060hPa

Transportation and storage pressure:500hPa~1060hPa

Ems Fitness Training Price

Q&A (Ems Fitness Training Price)

Q: If after the warranty period expires, there is a problem with the product, what should I do?

A: We support you send it to us, we help repair, you only need to pay shipping and maintenance costs, we will provide you with the best repair price.

Q:How long can i get my items if i place the order?

A:We will ship the goods within 7-10day after receiving your payment.

Q: Can I eat immediately before workout?

A: In order to achieve an optimum workout effect you should consume high-carb food 2.5 to 3 hours before the session. You should not eat two hours before workout to avoid abdominal discomfort.

Q:Do you have any timely technology support?

We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely support.

Q:What size do you offer?

A: There are XXS-XXL size optinal, if need to customize according to your body shape, pls inform us the measurement of chest, waist, hip.

Q:What’s your shipping?

A:We ship by DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT,EMS, Airplane,you can get it in 3-7 days after payment received.

Q:How about Customization?

A:If customer have any needs of customization or OEM/ODM service, please contact us for more information. For appearance change, like Logo, operating system background, language, suit design, it would be easy to achieve.

Ems Fitness Training Price

The application of a technology known as electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to fitness training has been causing a sensation among those seeking to transform their bodies and creating waves across the fitness industry in general. While many of those who have a vested interest in traditional resistance exercises continue to air their skepticism regarding a workout that is claimed to be as much as six times more effective than pumping iron and doing push-ups, the number of testimonials from trainees confirming the benefits of EMS is continuing to grow by the day.

Ems Fitness Training Price

Most people are convinced to make use of this new form of fitness technology for three main reasons. Firstly, the training produces the results they are looking for in far less time than traditional exercise methods, and time is a commodity that many busy Americans tend to be short of. Secondly, while the strain of performing resistance exercises at a conventional gym is best suited to those with reasonable levels of strength and stamina, the more passive nature of an EMS workout means most people should be able to stand the pace. Finally, EMS workouts can be tailored very precisely to match both the capabilities and the specific fitness goals of each individual trainee. Thus, no one is constrained by time or subjected to more exertion than they can cope with while having no concerns that they might develop excess muscles when only interested in losing a few pounds.

Ems Fitness Training Price

That said, EMS fitness technology can only be fully relied upon when training is conducted correctly. The process must begin with the trainee defining his or her personal goals. This will allow the trainer to program the electronic control console to provide the most suitable combination of simulated exercises, targeting the appropriate muscle groups and adjusting the level of electrical stimulation so as to be effective with causing excessive discomfort.

Ems Fitness Training Price

It would be misleading to suggest that either EMS or traditional resistance exercise alone can be the sole key to attaining your fitness goals, however. Without sound nutrition, which should not just include extra protein, but also sufficient carbs to provide the energy for muscular contractions, any improvements are likely to be both minimal and short-lived. In addition, it is important to remain well hydrated and to get enough quality sleep, as it is during the hours of sleep that the microscopic tears to the skeletal muscle created by the EMS technology used in fitness training are repaired and additional new muscle fibers are formed.

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