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EMS Training clothing can be widely used for collect body signal or used for ECG, EEG , EMG and some low & medium frequency impulse physical therapy stimulate and body training machine, Fitness and beauty slimming. 20 high-tech electrodes and Almost whole body can be activated.

Product Description

Ems Fitness Equipment

Comfortable and flexible suits

Comfortable and hygienic EMS suits for training in the studio or as a private user with freely positionable, movable and replaceable electrodes in the studio suit. For personal, individual use. Completely free and unrestricted in handling and washable at any time.


The reliable wireless connection offers complete freedom of movement. It enables you to carry out and combine any type of training. Even if you leave the reception radius, you can continue training with the set values. Of course, the training and the impulses can be interrupted at any time by the built-in switch-off button even if there is no connection. Security is very important.


Quick Details of Ems Fitness Equipment



Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Brand Name


Model NumberBBModel904


For Commercial & Home Use, home/gym/sport field

Product name

Ems Fitness Equipment


Android/iOS phone,tablet




advanced EMS electro fitness
Suit Material

Spandex/Cotton/silver fiber/silicone




OEM Device or Software


Home version ems training wireless machine

904 system


--Fat burn(65HZ,350us,ramp up time0.4s) , --Cardio(7HZ,350us) , --Strength(85HZ,350us,ramp up time 0.4s) , --Relax(100HZ,150us) , --Professional(85Hz,350us,ramp up time 3s,ramp down time 3s) .

904 system screen

Our Competitive advantage

1. We give  years guarantee on our System and 3 monthwarranty on our suits.

2. Our factory directly provide technical support, have strong skilled technique group and engineer team.

3. Our factory provide expert user manual, free training for operation of the machine in our factory, which provided by our specialized training department. 

4. Customized LOGO,Packing card,Changing on material,color,shape

5. Offer Sample: Acceptable.

6. ODM: We have some stocks for about 200 pieces, can also produce more according to your order.

8. Quality control and inspection:

a) We are experienced to control the high quality, every production must be inspect for twice.

b) Third party inspection: Acceptable. 

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Parameter of Ems Fitness Equipment

Equipment weight


Equipment size


Period of use

1 year

Battery capacity


Charging rating

Nine categories

Battery voltage


The output voltage


Output frequency


Output pulse width

100us/ 200us/ 350us

Operating temperature and humidity


Transport and storage temperature and humidity


Operating pressure


Transportation and storage pressure


photobank (5)photobank (4)

How to wear the training suit?

1.Unzip the training suit first, the zipper is on the back of the training suit. 2.Wear training suit obedience from bottom to top. 3. Hold the back zipper and pull it up. 4.Put indicator light of the energy box upward and buckle the training suit.

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What improvements can I expect from training with Ems Fitness Equipment?

Maximum strength

Strength endurance

Hypertrophy (muscle growth)

Speed, responsiveness and agility

Perceived physical well-being

Balancing of muscular imbalances (i.e. reduction of back pain)

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Q&A of Ems Fitness Equipment

Q:How long can i get my items if i place the order? 

A:We will ship the goods within 7-10day after receiving your payment 

Q:What are your payment term ? 

A:TT/Western union 

Q:What certification do you have ? 


Q: Can I add our company Logo on the training suit/ system/ box? 

A: Yes, we are support OEM.For appearance change, like Logo, operating system background, language, suit design, it would be easy to achieve. 

Q: If after the warranty period expires, there is a problem with the product, what should I do? 

A: We support you send it to us, we help repair, you only need to pay shipping and maintenance costs, we will provide you with the best repair price. 

Q:Can it be used in group teaching? 

A: Yes, one system can control 4 people at the same time. 

Q: Do you support sample for review quality? 

A: Yes .we support sent sample ,sample need charge the sample cost and shipping cost. 

Q: Where are your products mainly sold? 

A:Our products sold in the mainland China keeps growing steadily. As for the globe, our customers are mainly from Europe, South Korea and the Middle East.

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How long has EMS been in existence?

The principle of using energy impulses for muscle stimulation and contraction has been known since ancient times.

At that time, however, the discharge from the cage was still used. This principle is now used in professional competitive sports, in personal training, in fitness, EMS and micro studios and in healthcare. The possibilities are extensive and extend to targeted muscle building, skin tightening, fat reduction, metabolic training and massage.

Some scientific studies have also proven to alleviate urinary incontinence or reduce back pain. For beginners, training and accompanying training by qualified specialists is recommended for targeted and responsible use of the technology.

904 energy box

It was observed that overweight participants experienced a more significant drop in body part circumference, skin fold, and self reported body weight loss in comparison to participants with average or fit body types. This indicates a significant loss of body fat for overweight participants. More fit participants lost fat and gained muscle mass, indicating that their body became more fit and toned. Growth of muscle mass compensated the fat reduction, causing their self reported body weight to stay unchanged.

The biggest differences in the results were based on the strength of stimulations and muscle contractions that the participants were exposed to. Higher contraction intensity resulted in greater muscle growth. The electrical impulses from the ems machine works on outer as well as deeper inner muscles, which are not easily reached through conventional methods of exercise.


Participants who were exercising on a regular basis (approximately 48% of study participants) self-reported increased strength and endurance while doing their every day gym training after starting the EMS study.

Compared to other EMS machines that only stimulate one body part at a time such as Contour Abs, TENS Unit, and RX8000, the Home version ems training wireless machine Electro Muscle Stimulation system stimulates the WHOLE BODY at the same time, significantly reducing the required amount of time for overall weekly body training. The specialized full-body EMS training is a time saving and effective all-around training method that has far reaching positive effects on overall health and could benefit a broad range of individuals.

The muscle tension produced in a maximal Home version ems training wireless machine contraction can be up to 30% higher than a maximal voluntary contraction. This finding was corroborated by independent studies and makes intuitive sense, given the nature of the body’s energy conservation system.

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