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The principle of electrostimulation correctly reproduces the process involved in a voluntary contraction. The stimulator sends an electrical impulse to nerve fibres to excite them. This excitation is then transmitted to muscle fibres and results in a mechanical response (= a twitch).

Product Description

Product NameEMS At Home
Working Frequency1-120Hz
FunctionKeep fitness,Loose Weight,Firming,Mucles Building
Controller WeightAbout 50g
Recommend Ambient Temperature10-40°C


Integrated EMS micro current, 6 simulation modes,100 grades intensity,meet different demands,lower energy consume design brings you comfortable usage experience,result is obvious.

EMS At Home Features

1.No need spray water before training
2.Exercise while reading, doing household chores, or even during business or leisure trips. 
3.Wireless BT connection,without place limit
4.Rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery
5.APP control ,can use on mobile phone or tablet,convenient for you to use. 
6.5 programs as you choose
7.Data background management function,record every time you use data
8.Safe and high quality

Benifits Of EMS At Home Suit:

1) Wireless-Intelligent
Bluetooth remote control modes to make your convenient operation.
2) Mini-Portable
One piece ultra slim design  that you can relax anytime and anywhere.
3) Enviromental-Energy Saving
The mini massager plastic hand massage sets built-in rechargeable battery, and us simple USB charging to ensure low energy consumption and green environmental protection.

Feztures Of EMS At Home Suit:

1) EMS stimulation to contract your muscle firmly and effectively.
2) Relaxing, firm, and tonic the muscle group effectively.
3) One piece ultra slim design. 
4) Easy operation.
5) Max. 100 intensity for selection.
6) Wireless operation, can work anytime, anywhere.



EMS At Home Applicable Users




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