Electrostimulation Fitness Suit

The training suit have designed and manufactured last for many years.Our Body Tech Training Suit features a modular system, the separate electrodes and cables make maintenance easy and very cost-effective.

Product Description

Electrostimulation Fitness Suit

Bodytech EMS Training | An Innovation In Fitness

Get the cardio and resistance training that offers the results and intensity of a 2 hour, full-body workout in 30 minutes or less with EMS Fitness Training! Electrostimulation Fitness Suit achieves optimum results with minimum input time. Build up your musculature harmonically and form your body according to your desires.

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1. Quick Overview:

Battery capacity:2650mAh

Charging rating:DC5V-Must be a standard 5V charge

Battery voltage:3.8V

The output voltage:0-50V DC square wave

Output frequency:1-120Hz

Output pulse width:1-500us

Operating temperature and humidity:10℃-40℃,30%-85%RH

Transport and storage temperature and humidity:-40℃~55℃,10%RH~93%RH

Operating pressure:860-1060hPa

Transportation and storage pressure:500hPa~1060hPa

2. Advantages of Wireless electrostimulation muscle stimulator :

Easy to operate

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- App control

-Can satisfy a wireless group training from 1 to mutiple people simultaneously.

-Virtual Trainer to show you  different movement in the Soft ware.

-There is a timer in the soft ware to help you calculate the training time or relax time.

Sensitive conductive, Adjustable

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All of our Electrostimulation Fitness Suit is designed to guarantee maximum comfort when it comes to playing sport, stopping sweat from being an annoyance.



The materials our Electrostimulation Fitness Suit are made with will avoid the extra weight when it comes to doing exercise.

3. Standard Accessories(Optional)

Evergy box (Attachment to the vest, wireless with electrionic)

Electrostimulation Fitness Suit(Arms+Vest+Pants+electrode tabs+wire)

Cotton undersuit

User manual

4. EMS Movement Training suit Technology

1. The system is applicated with tablet. Make EMS training more easier.

2. Smart User Management System. Training data synchronisation. Personal program setting.

3. Fully wireless device, Smart control via Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Stable and safe.

4. There are 10 pairs of electrodes on suit. Stimulate up to 20 muscle groups at the same time.

5. Unique ramp up system, mimic the muscle contraction, is more effective.

6. The suit is made of anti-bacterial, Lightweight and durable material. The electrode pads can be removed separately.

5. Why our Electrostimulation Fitness Suit Surpassing tradition?


We have changed the way in which training with electrostimulation vests has been conceived until now. Bodytech is launching an innovative line of EMS vests, compatible with all of the equipment on the market, which frees your business from exclusively renewing suits through the electrostimulation machine manufacturer.

We make unique and different products.

We manufacture EMS vests from the initial idea to the final product, adapting them to the needs of each one of our customers.

Pattern made for men with adjustable shoulders which adjust to size. Thanks to the design and material we have been able to adapt it to the male body shape. With blue details, each size allows various shaping options for all body shapes.

ems training suit



Q1: How often should I train using the EMS EMS system?

A1: Electrostimulation Fitness Suit is a highly effective muscle stimulation training programme that should be used no more than twice a week for 20 minutes each time.

20 minutes of EMS training is the optimal load for your body. 

In addition you have the possibility of switching to a CARDIO programme or to begin a MASSAGE programme.

Q2: How does muscle stimulator machine work?

A2: EMS technology delivers stimulation directly to the muscles, thus causing the muscles to contract and then relax in a concentrated form. Thanks to Electrostimulation Fitness Suit during an session more than 36000 muscle contractions can be achieved, making a 20-minute  training equal to a 90-minute convertional training

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