electrial muscle stimulation training

The training suit have designed and manufactured last for many years.Our Body Tech Training Suit features a modular system, the separate electrodes and cables make maintenance easy and very cost-effective.

Product Description

Electrial Muscle Stimulation Training Inrtodution

  • Support multi-people simultaneously training, 

  • Suitable for the development of group course, brings more possibilities for EMS training mode.

  • Support flexible combination the number of training people, one-by-one, one-by-group, group-by-group all are feasible.

  • Completely wireless, which is helpful for EMS to combine all kinds of traditional sports to carry out EMS+ new sports mode.

  • High resistance and comfort to adapt to the high-intensity training of any fitness professionals.

Electrial Muscle Stimulation Training Box

  • Intelligent technology, innovative pulse conversion technology, safety and comfort;

  • Advanced BT 4.2 tech, achieve stable connect within 400 meters;

  • Lithium rechargeable 2650 mA battery can continuous use for 8 hours;

  • Clear indicator light, more convenient operation;

  • Lightweight and intelligent, only 150g.


Electrial Muscle Stimulation Training Suit

  • Include 20 electrode tabs, covers up more than 90% human muscles.

  • The training vest suit using special material chloroprene rubber, have high resistance and comfort to adapt to the high-intensity training of any fitness professionals;

  • The suit antibacterial, light and durable, electrode tabs can move freely.

  • XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL six sizes for you to choose.

  • Machine washable


Electrial Muscle Stimulation Training System

  • The system(APP) is loaded on the standard tablet PC;

  • Control electric pulse of 20 muscle groups;

  • Six Patterns:  

    Fat burn (60HZ, 360us, ramp up time 0.4S), 

    Strength (85HZ, 360us,)

    Cardio (7HZ, 360us), 

    Relax (100HZ, 160us), 

    Professional (85HZ, 360us, ramp up and ramp down time 4S), 

    VIP (85HZ, 360us, ramp up time 3S, Support Personal Customization of Training Parameters and Procedures).

  • Program settings: climbing time, contraction time, training time, climbing training;


Details Of The Electrial Muscle Stimulation Training Suit




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