best upper body muscle building workout

The training suit have designed and manufactured last for many years.Our Body Tech Training Suit features a modular system, the separate electrodes and cables make maintenance easy and very cost-effective.

Product Description

BB906 Wireless Best Upper Body Muscle Building Workout - Professional training in Groups



BB906 APP controller on tablet

Wireless EMS suit

   The box is wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth and attached onto the

   Powersuit. No hindrances, no restriction of movement

Bluetooth controlled

   The control box is managed via Bluetooth 4.2 from your Smartphone 

   or tablet.

Powerful results

   Your physical maximum performance increases by up to 30% within

   a few weeks.

Just 20 minutes

   20 minutes of EMS training will replace up to 4 hours of a traditional


Best Upper Body Muscle Building Workout Parameter

Wireless systemAdvanced BT technology 4.2
Technical  Parameter     

Fat burn mode(Frequency : 65HZ, Width : 350μs,0.4S raming up),    

Strength mode(Frequency : 85HZ,Width :350μs),

Cardio mode(Frequency : 7HZ,Width :350μs),

Relax Mode(Frequency : 100HZ,Width :150μs),

Professional Training Mode(Frequency : 85HZ, Width :350μs, 4S raming up,4S raming down) 

VIP(Support customized personal training parameters and programs)

Battery information

Rechargeable lithium battery 2650 mAh, continuous use for up to 8 hours,

full-charge by 2 hours

Human Muscle groups 

20 pcs(Arms , breast ,abodmen ,shoulder ,Trapezius, back ,waist ,hip ,

front leg and back leg 

BT energy boxLight and smart, only 150g

Power suits size 

XXS-XXL, The power suits can be washed by machine
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