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What Is the Use of EMS Fitness Suit?

Nov. 18, 2020

At present, there are countless brands focusing on ems technical gyms in China. So, how do they work? In fact, ems fitness mainly uses ems fitness suit to electrically stimulate muscles and throws fat resistance through electrical pulses. So is it true that the online ems fitness 20 minutes challenge 6 hours? Do you know the role of ems fitness suit after reading it?

1. EM fitness suit can exercise local muscle groups, which is highly targeted. The full range of equipment can meet the different needs of local muscle training, such as: refined waist training, arm strengthening muscle training, and improving and increasing hip muscle oriented training.

2. The muscle-enhancing population effectively broke through the bottleneck period. For users who exercise muscle mass. EMS fitness suit can better help them break through the bottleneck, and can also achieve better muscle-building effects in daily use. Moderate and high-intensity electrical stimulation can allow adults to train for 20 minutes, reaching 6 hours a day Training effect.

3. The product line is rich and the customer audience is wide, from the government sports bureau and large professional organizations, sports clubs (soccer, basketball, baseball, etc.), company leisure sports areas, social leisure entertainment groups, weight loss beauty salons, body sculpting centers, shaping studios, Fitness clubs and studios, rehabilitation physiotherapy rooms, medical and hospital rehabilitation departments, sports enthusiasts and individual users of fitness and bodybuilding

EMS Fitness Suit

4. EMS fitness suit uses medium and low frequency current (under safe conditions) to stimulate 80% of the body's large muscle groups to achieve effective training purposes.

5. There are more than one pair of wireless products, which realizes the function of customer group exercise. One wireless device can reach eight to ten people, suitable for large yoga studios, gymnastics, and team aerobics.

6. The embodiment of foresight and personalized customization. If you order more than 100 sets, you can customize your training suit. A certain number of host devices and applications can also be customized to meet the needs of different customers.

7. Training suits, vests and jumpsuits are all sewn with high-quality fabrics, with good air permeability and strong elasticity. The design is completed by a professional design team and conforms to the muscle structure of the human body. The mechanical principle design is complete in size, and the vest can be recycled, which is suitable for the needs of institutions and studios facing different customers. The utility model does not need to spray water, has good body feeling, and is more suitable for individuals and high-end users.

8. The signal receiver on the clothes is the key to training clothes. Our different series of receivers are different in size and shape design. Wired equipment does not require a receiver, and the wireless enhanced version has a strong sense of heavy metal and rich technical content. Wireless one-to-many devices pay more attention to portability and easy control. Specific simplicity, light weight characteristics. Personal one-to-one receiver is suitable for personal one-to-one use, more portable, more unique appearance and miniature.

9. Using special materials summarized in years of research, developed and manufactured EMS fitness clothing patches. It is tested and certified by an authoritative organization, and it has also passed absolute safety and human skin anti-allergic tests.

In summary, as a fresh blood in the fitness industry, ems fitness can quickly capture a group of loyal users in China in a short period of time, and it also shows its effects and charm. At present, the target population seems to be mostly fashionable people and busy business people and tech fitness advocates. Perhaps more interesting is how to guide more people to consume and join this movement in the future.

The above information is provided by ems workout suit manufacturer.

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