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What is the Difference between EMS Fitness and Traditional Fitness Methods?

Jan. 11, 2021

In this fast-paced era, it feels like a lot of things have gone fast. FMCG, fast food, fast fashion, fast payment... In the past two years, even "fast fitness" has entered people's vision and life at a rapid pace.

24-hour shared gym, shared fitness warehouse and park box, the public does not feel new to these. The "EMS" fitness method, which is easy to have a good body in 20 minutes, is occupying all the headlines this year.

The survey found that most people are still more out of curiosity, this guy can really be so useful? For 20 minutes, many people said they do not believe. So what is the principle that EMS is based on?

This EMS is not the EMS that the public is familiar with, the full name of the fitness industry's EMS is Electrical muscle stimulation muscle pulse stimulation training, the electrodes are placed on the wearable device, the gym wearer close to the body through the regulation of the electrodes, so that it transmits a specific frequency of electrical pulse signal to stimulate the body muscle contraction.

In fact, this fitness technology, which seems to be more technological to the public, was originally designed for astronauts to use in order to prevent their muscles from atrophying in a weightless environment for a long time. Later, it was introduced to the fitness industry, with the advantages of safety and efficiency, has a group of loyal users abroad, including the "flying man" Bolt, superstar C Luo and V.I.P. angels and so on.

Body Tech Training Suit

Summarize the EMS fitness and traditional fitness methods have what is different.

1. No warm-up

There are many traditional gym exercise programs, but also need to comply with the order from easy to difficult, so that the body has a process of adaptation to avoid injury. The warm-up exercise before fitness is particularly important, which is basically the consensus of every fitness practitioner. And EMS fitness, currently avoid these tedious processes.

2. "Exercise is not enough electric pulse to come together"

The biggest advantage of EMS is simple and efficient. After the user wears the professional EMS wearable equipment, the coach will adjust the strength of the electric pulse of each part, and then save the debugging results to set the complete exercise program. During the training process, the electrical impulses are outputted regularly according to the program, and users follow the instructions to perform simple movements.

3. Rational use of fragmented time  

"EMS is an efficient way to train the whole body, once every 4-7 days, once 20 minutes can effectively train all muscle groups of the whole body. Save time and trouble. Many gym-goers often come over after work to exercise." The 20-minute workout length is a more attractive point for the busy urban crowd.


Of course, in addition to being different from traditional gyms, there are differences between EMS from different fitness brands.Our body tech training suit features a modular system, the separate electrodes and cables make maintenance easy and very cost-efficient.

Overall, EMS technology fitness as a new blood in the fitness industry, in just a few years, can quickly capture a wave of loyal users in China, but also can see its effect and charm. At present, it seems that the target group is mostly fashionable and trendy people, as well as busy business people and technology fitness advocates, who are also the main consumers and direct beneficiaries of technology fitness in China, so their acceptance will be higher. How to guide more people to consume and join this sport in the future may be a more interesting thing.

Whether it is the more popular 20-minute EMS with technology, or 2-3 hours in a traditional gym, fitness is always a long-term battle.

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