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What is EMS Training?

Mar. 06, 2020

As a Black Suit Ems Manufacturer, share EMS training with everyone.

In our daily life, our muscles are always stimulated by biological signals from our brain. This is why we can complete different actions, which is the most basic language when our brain communicates with muscles.

Muscle electrical pulse stimulation (EMS) simulates and amplifies this process. Electrical pulses are introduced into our body through the electrode pads on the training vest, allowing our muscles to contract more fully and fully. Compared with traditional training, electric pulse training can stimulate more muscle groups and make muscles have stronger contractility, so that trainees can more effectively increase strength, endurance, and change body shape.

Pro Ems Training Suit

Pro Ems Training Suit

Is the effectiveness of this training scientifically proven?

There are a lot of researches on this new type of exercise. For example, the University of Nuremberg (2009), the Cologne University of Sport (2008), and the Badnhausen Heart Clinic (2010) have published scientific articles on the efficiency of EMS training. Researchers at the University of Beirut in Germany published the following data through 6 weeks of EMS training:

85% of the test population noticed significant changes in body shape after 6 weeks.

Full-body electrical pulse training improves exercise intensity by 40% over traditional weight training

The average maximum strength of participants increased by 12%

Participants' endurance and fitness levels increased by 69%

How does EMS training work?

EMS training has been used by physiotherapists, doctors, and top athletes for decades. In the past it was mainly used to balance muscles, alleviate lower back pain, strengthen pelvic floor muscles and accelerate circulatory metabolism. At the same time, because the electrical pulse directly affects the muscle through nerve conduction, it completely bypasses the joint ligament and will not affect it at all, which is why EMS is usually used for postoperative muscle recovery and strengthening.

In addition, during the EMS training process, users can choose to stimulate 8 large muscle groups of the whole body at the same time for balanced training, or they can choose relatively weak sports chains for intensive training. In professional athlete training, electric pulse training is also used to mention strength and explosive power to improve athletes' sports performance.

How does EMS training help me change my body shape?

During the EMS training process, the electrode pads of the Pro Ems Training Suit will be placed on the eight muscle groups of the body, and the electric pulse will directly stimulate the target muscle muscle fibers. This can help strengthen muscles. As muscle mass increases, it will improve body shape, increase endurance and strength, firm skin and increase metabolism, and increase calorie consumption, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss and fat reduction.

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