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What Do You Know about EMS

Dec. 17, 2020

EMS: Electricity Muscle Stimulation.The acronym for the three English words, it refers to the use of instruments to simulate human brain waves, combined with electrode plates, to transmit signals to the nervous system and stimulate skeletal muscles. The micro-current only stimulates the skeletal muscles, prompting the human body to actively contract the muscles to resist the stimulation, thereby realizing the "passive + active" exercise of skeletal muscle strength.  This system uses low-frequency electrical pulses to stimulate almost all your muscles. EMS is the latest trend today and can provide you with the most effective and simple whole body exercise in the world. Only 20 minutes of training sessions can achieve up to 18 times the effect of traditional training equivalent to non-muscle electrical stimulation.


High-intensity, high-efficiency, 20 minutes can reach 3 hours of usual training, with scientific and healthy training effect, through Bluetooth technology wireless communication, all skeletal muscles in the body can be effectively controlled, stimulate deep muscles, break bottlenecks, and burst out All potential,

Bodytech Pro Ems training suit uses a modular system, separate electrodes and cables make maintenance simple and very economical.

 Training Vest

EMS training VS traditional training

1.20 minutes = 3 hours

2.Efficient-90% of the muscles in the body are activated at the same time.

3.Reinforcement-passive training + active exercise for additional muscles.

4.Strengthen-promote the signal pathway between nerve and muscle to pass through.

EMS training frequency

EMS high-intensity regular training, 1-2 times a week;

To break through the plateau period of athletes' physical fitness improvement, they can train 3-4 times a week.

Moderately increase the strength of endurance, relaxation, and metabolism modules.

Scientific HZ use range: 7hz (for warm-up, subcutaneous tissue) 40hz (strength, endurance) 80hz (explosive power for professional athletes) 100zh (for rehabilitation)

Indications: Suitable for a variety of sports and rehabilitation (strength, endurance, explosive power, aerobic, metabolic training cellulitis or body relaxation)

Contraindications: patients with heart disease, pregnant women, patients with severe neurological diseases, people who use pacemakers or have other active medical devices implanted in their bodies, etc.

Training vest

1. 20 stimulation channels covering major muscle groups.

2. Machine washable, modular structure, cables and electrodes can be removed when preparing for cleaning.

3. Velcro material, you can adjust the electrode position according to your muscle position.

4. Vest or cable can be purchased separately.

5. There is a tightening belt on the vest, which can be adjusted as needed.

6. In addition, we will give you a set of underwear.

7. Current size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

8. All suits with adjustable belts can cover 2 sizes.

If you want to get more information about good quality electrical muscle stimulation suits, please contact us.

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