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Tips for Beginners in Fitness

Sep. 11, 2020

There are also certain things about fitness. Novices tend to ignore many details when they work out. Next, ems exercise suit suppliers will introduce you to the areas that novice fitness needs to pay attention to, which is very useful:

1. Persistence: There is a fitness method, but fitness still requires your persistence. Transformation is not a matter of a day or two. Don't give up if you can't succeed. The results are accumulated bit by bit. Only by persisting can you achieve stronger Of yourself.

2. Compound exercises: Do more compound exercises. Multi-joint training exercises will help increase muscles. The exercise effect will be more obvious. Single-joint exercise training is relatively limited. Novices can start with squats, deadlifts and rowing.

3. You can’t just pursue weight: Many novices look at other people’s weight and put a lot of weight on themselves. This behavior is wrong. The most important posture standard for novice fitness is weight. Yes, don’t get injured in pursuit of weight. At the beginning, it’s best to train with an empty bar. Don’t be afraid of being laughed at. Standard movements are the main thing.

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4. Comprehensive exercise: Some people only practice chest, arms, and not legs. After a long time, the body will become very uncoordinated, which is particularly unsightly. Muscle gain should pursue comprehensive development. All muscle groups should not be ignored. Squat training legs, bench press training chest, curling arms training, rowing back training, shoulder press training.

5. The importance of aerobic exercise: Some people who gain muscle will ignore aerobic exercise. This is a misunderstanding. It is best to do aerobic exercise twice a week to avoid accumulation of fat in the body. If you are worried that aerobic exercise will cause muscle Loss, you can choose to do half an hour of aerobic exercise on the day without strength training, which can effectively avoid muscle loss.

6. Nutritional supplement: The growth of muscles cannot be separated from nutritional supplements, otherwise you will only become thinner and thinner. The protein is indispensable for nutrients, and carbohydrate is used as the driving force. Therefore, before and after training, pay attention to eating protein and carbohydrate. Food makes muscles absorb nutrients and grow. You can eat a banana before training, and add eggs and full bread after training.

7. Combination of work and rest: The three basic elements of muscle gain are eating, sleeping, and training. Fitness requires proper rest. Each training should be within one and a half hours. If the time is too long, the body will feel tired and efficiency will decrease. , And if the time is too short, the effect will not be achieved. In addition, you cannot exercise every day, and you cannot go fishing for three days and two days of netting. Each muscle group needs to rest for 48-72 hours after training. Pay attention to adequate sleep during muscle gain and not stay up late.

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