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Jun. 08, 2020

In the professional sector, BODYTECH has impressively proven that it is possible to do wireless EMS training with complete freedom of movement.

Crossfit, Pilates or yoga. Muscle building, endurance or fat reduction. There are as many sports and training styles as there are exercisers. Be your best self with the BODYTECH EMS device. With the most natural modulation frequencies since the discovery of electronic muscle stimulation (EMS).

20 minutes of EMS training at home will replace up to 4 hours of a traditional workout. Maximum performance increases by up to 30% within a few weeks. Muscle mass increases by up to 14% within a few months.

Saving time doesn’t mean rushing. While other EMS systems catch the trainee unawares – and then cool them down using wet electrodes – BODYTECH only starts when the body is ready. The Powersuit thus becomes like a second skin; unified with your body.

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