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Now it is possible, work out while watching your favorite show!

Jun. 08, 2020

No need to skip your favorite show to make a date with the gym… now you can exercise at home watching a movie. 

The time commuting to the gym is time wasted.  Enjoy your screen-time while exercising with BODYTECH, no commute… you want to watch that movie anyway...  In fact, we recommend it!  At low levels you can work, at medium levels even play games but at high intensity it is best to have something really good to watch.  Hard exercise is HARD, obviously, so you’ll need a distraction.  Besides at high-intensity you’ll sweat too much to do the crossword! 

If you find cardio boring this is the way to do it… watch something and happen to be exercising – intensely we hope, because that is how you’ll train and get fitter.  But you can also just tip away at low intensity to burn calories as you gorge on the shows. 

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