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How to View the Latest Electrical Stimulation Muscle Training Methods

Nov. 06, 2020

Sports have anti-human attributes. The opposite is that human nature tends to comfort self-protection. Because in sports, pain and persistence are inseparable brothers, so in sports, we must convince ourselves to enjoy the process of self-abuse Perseverance is required.

Everyone knows that this sport is accompanied by a healthy body, a good figure and a positive attitude towards life. Then some people will say that my perseverance is not enough. I can't hold on. Some people say that I don't have enough time, and some people are more direct. I want to lie down and have a good figure.


Beginning in the 1970s, electrical stimulation (ems) has been used by clinicians to help restore the function of patients with limited motor function, because studies have shown that electrical stimulation can prevent muscle atrophy and functional deterioration in patients with postoperative joint fixation or reduced ability to produce pain .

That is to say, in the case of unable to train, the beginning of electrical stimulation training is used for rehabilitation training.

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It is known that muscle contraction is controlled by neuromuscular. The brain controls the central nervous system, and the central nervous system releases nerve impulses to control the muscles. The principle of electrical stimulation training is to stimulate muscle contraction through external current. There are many ways to stimulate, the simplest It is the time and frequency of the control pulse.

Pulse is the training interval, the maximum intensity is between 500us-1000us, the pulse frequency generally does not exceed 50hz, if it exceeds 50hz, the muscle will contract. In fact, the relationship between pulse frequency and isometric contraction is s-shaped, and isotonic contraction force and stimulation intensity are also s-shaped.

One disadvantage of electrical stimulation training is that high-frequency stimulation may be difficult to accept, and related research was conducted in 1971. Use an intermediate frequency stimulus with a 2500 Hz sinusoidal signal and adjust in 50 Hz units. The stimulation time is usually only a few seconds. Since the refractory period of motors is about 3ms (miller, 1981), they can only be fired three times every 10ms.

There are two inferences about the principle of electrical stimulation training to increase muscle strength.

First of all, the maximum random contraction of nerves can limit the development of strength, and electromyographic stimulation can make the stimulated muscles produce stronger contractions, and therefore produce greater adaptability.

Second, during extreme stimuli, the fast-receiving fibers that are not susceptible to the maximum random initial contraction are preferentially activated.

Electrical stimulation training and marathon

Long-term low-frequency EMG stimulation can improve the fatigue resistance of endurance training athletes. Experiments on lower mammals have shown that this stimulation can convert almost complete fast muscle fibers into slow muscle fibers, including oxidase and dumpling synthesis without a significant increase.

In the marathon, the anti-fatigue ability of large muscle groups, especially the muscular endurance of the tibial anterior muscle, plays a crucial role. Electrical stimulation training has a good effect in this regard, so electrical stimulation training is more consistent to a certain extent.

Sum up

Electrical stimulation training is first used for rehabilitation and then for auxiliary training. There are too many unknowns in sports training, and too many physical changes in training. It is impossible to do it solely by electrical stimulation training.

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