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Is EMS Training Harmful to The Human Body?

Oct. 26, 2020

The full name of FEMS is Function Electrical Muscle Stimulation, the term is functional muscle electrical stimulation, sometimes called ems. Muscle electrical stimulation uses low-frequency pulse currents to control striated muscle contraction and relaxation, and the regularity of muscles. The muscles are controlled by electrical signals from the central nervous system. In ems training, it is controlled by the input of low-frequency pulse currents from electrodes. The muscle itself cannot determine the electrical stimulation signal from the brain or external electrodes, but can only stimulate the signal to respond to contraction and relaxation. The ems technology uses this to train the muscle.

The most recent research of ems originated in Europe in the 18th century. In the 1960s, ems was used for the training of top athletes of the former Soviet Union and achieved good results in the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. At the end of the 1990s, ems was widely used in physical therapy and professional sports. In 2003, the German ems fitness equipment business grew and the electrode vest system ems training equipment, from then on ems's position in the gym training field and popular sports gradually established.

Wireless EMS Training System

The development of ems training in the fields of health care, rehabilitation and fitness has proved that it is a safe training method. The regular equipment outputs signals with positive and negative pulses, and the positive and negative pulse charges are offset by a pair of positive and negative pulses to connect the body's bioelectricity balance. However, there are also some compact devices on the market or in order to reduce costs and use alternatives. Although they have a muscle stimulating effect, the imbalanced positive and negative charges of the stimulated output signal will affect the body's bioelectrochemical polarization and repolarization process during long-term use.

The stimulation signal has a large amount of charge balance, such as asymmetric two-way rectangular waves, two-way wave symmetry index, etc., which can be used as a source of muscle electrical stimulation signals, but there is a requirement for positive and negative charge balance (positive and negative pulses are consistent with the pulse area, that is, cycle The total charge in the range is 0).

Because EMS equipment is a way of muscle exercise without weight-bearing, it is suitable for young people to slim and shape, and it is also suitable for physiotherapy for the elderly to relieve pain in the lumbar spine or neck and shoulders. It is basically the same as acupuncture and electrotherapy. The site of action and the mode of action are different.

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