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How your individual EMS training at home works

Jun. 09, 2020

The training in your own four walls works very easily: You buy a correspondingly high-quality  device for muscle stimulation,, connect the EMS device and let the device and your muscles do the work. This way you can easily and individually train your muscles at home with the help of EMS training. With  EMS-Training you are flexible in time and do not have to follow the tight schedule of an EMS studio. Moreover, you save time and effort on the way to and from the studio. You simply take the time to do your training at home once a week. However, just as with conventional training and sports, it is important to train regularly and on a long-term basis in order to strengthen your muscles and build and maintain muscle mass.

In comparison: Costs for EMS training at home and in the gym

The prices for an EMS training in a studio are relatively high and comparable to those of a personal trainer, because during the training a trainer is usually available to you all the time for your individual support. This of course costs money. For an EMS training in a studio you have to calculate with about 20 Euro per unit, depending on the contract model. A training unit per week will cost you about 80 to 100 Euro per month.

Costs for EMS training at home? EMS training at home is considerably cheaper than training in a studio. For the EMS training at home you will have to pay the purchase price for an EMS device once. 

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