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Is EMS training effective?

May. 15, 2020

EMS Training or Electro Muscle Stimulation Training offers a wonderful way to work out your entire body without sweating it out for hours at the gym. With just a handful of 20-minute sessions in a week will give you a body that your peers will envy. The underlying mechanism of the machine includes low-frequency electric impulses that can contract the muscles when you want to work out. So, if you are thinking “is EMS training effective?”, the answer is a definite YES!

Is EMS training effective?

We at R and B Elite fitness offer the best type of EMS Training at home. Our personal trainers help you in understanding the concept, practice it well and help you train under their expert guidance. Here are some of the tips that can help you make the most of these training at home. Take a look:

Drink as Much Water as You Can – First things first, you need to drink as much water as you can before the workout. Ideally, you need to drink about 8 glasses throughout the day and 2 glasses an hour before starting the training. This will keep you stay hydrated throughout the session and help you better the impulse to stimulate the muscles in your body. You can also have a glass of juice for the same purpose.

Start Flexing the Muscles – The next step is to start flexing the muscles when you get a yellow signal on the console. When the same signal turns green, you need to fight the impulse. This takes some amount of initial instructions, which our personal trainers will provide you as and when you start to activate the muscles in your body.

Do a Complete Work Out for 20 Minutes – The next tip is to ensure that you work out for a duration of 20 minutes completely. You can go for some cardio when the red signal is on and burn those excess calories efficiently.

Ask the Trainer for Best Techniques – The trainer assigned to you will have a knowledge of various ways to activate the muscles. You need to ask them about the best techniques to do so. For instance, they will suggest you both a low intensity and a high intensity work out, which can give you effective results.

Plan a Diet – No work out is complete without an effective diet. When you opt for EMS training from our doorstep, you can benefit from a plant-based diet that will be customised for you by our in-house nutritionist. This will hep you benefit a lot from the sessions.

Bonus Tip: As is the norm with other work outs, don’t forget to stretch before and after each session.

To Conclude

The next time you book an EMS training at home, make sure to implement these tips and you will be all sorted. To book an effective session with our experienced personal trainers, call us now!

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