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EMS Fitness: Common Sense of Muscle Gain

Nov. 13, 2020

Don't sit down immediately after eating, many people will fall asleep immediately after dinner. This may lead to excessive fat, which not only affects the body, but also affects health. Standing for half an hour after eating every day, persistence is necessary. If you can't, don't start other recreational activities. Just like walking every day, the most important thing is persistence.

The simpler the exercise threshold for fitness, the better (just as simple as EMS fitness), don't give yourself too much restraint, and don't give yourself too many reasons, find the items you like and stick to, and stick to it. In the long run, it will definitely have an impact. In fact, what is ultimately important is not what exercise or where to exercise, but a heart to exercise.

In particular, strength training/anaerobic exercise/resistance training can be understood as muscle exercise, and aerobic exercise is for fat loss.

Muscle enhancement is local muscle enhancement, while fat reduction is the reduction of body fat, while increasing the muscle content of the part, changing the ratio of part fat to muscle, so that the visual effect can achieve the purpose of ‘local fat reduction’.

EMS Fitness

Aerobic exercise is an effective way to reduce fat, but it is not the only way to reduce fat.

In muscle anaerobic exercise training, in addition to increasing calorie consumption and reducing subcutaneous fat. Even after a night’s rest, anaerobic muscle trainers still consume about 10% more calories than usual for 72 hours.

Strength training is a long process, not just once or twice, even a week or two weeks to observe the significant drop in weight. Secondly, the intensity training of body fat is more obvious. Through strength training, you are likely to gain weight while losing weight, so there will be no significant weight loss effect.

And there are a lot of scientific experiments and examples that show that through group training, muscles can get more stimulation and get faster growth. When the number of groups is divided into four groups, muscle stimulation is maximized and growth is best.

Muscles are not actually grown from exercise. During exercise, your muscles will be damaged, and protein supplemented at home is used to supplement the damaged muscles. During the supplementation process, the primordial muscle fibers gradually become larger, which is the basic principle of muscle growth. If the muscles recover before repeated stimulation training, enter it. This will only have the opposite effect. Therefore, exercise and protein supplementation are the key to muscle growth.

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