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EMS Fitness Reminds You of the Precautions after Running(Part 2)

Oct. 16, 2020

It is well known that ems fitness takes only 20 minutes to achieve 6 hours of effect per training, while traditional training is the best for 40-60 minutes a day. The ratio is that ems fitness is 18 times higher than traditional training. In ems fitness, some people with a poor system may not be able to persist in 5 minutes. The most suitable time for traditional training is 40-60 minutes. The training time is too short, and the short training time cannot achieve the desired effect.

For ems fitness for 20 minutes, it has achieved a half-day effect, which saves time and achieves the goal of fitness. Twenty minutes saves half a day, and training is very convenient for busy people. The time in ems fitness is about 15 minutes to 25 minutes. The coach will arrange the training time reasonably to make the training more effective. Someone will sweat after a while. Slowly increasing the intensity of our training can strengthen our training and achieve better results.

Ems Fitness Training

Choosing EMS fitness has six points of advanced performance, which is more than one difference compared with traditional fitness

1. Convenience

The 8-minute fitness convenience store in the business district, based on the community’s 8-minute time, allows consumers to go to the store and go home easily, and solve the problem of inconvenience and the existing gym is far away from home.

2. Comprehensiveness

Smart entertainment fitness equipment, aerobics classes, 100-person group classes, outdoor expansion, provide a more comprehensive fitness experience with limited space to meet diverse needs.

3. Sociality

Through brand community operations and outdoor development activities, social attributes are strengthened, so that consumers are familiar with each other, encourage each other, and strengthen stickiness.

4. Entertainment

The equipment has built-in various entertainment elements, combined with outdoor expansion, making fitness more interesting and strengthening consumer desire.

5. Intelligence

Health upgrade smart equipment technology, smart equipment + smart applet + fitness video operation is more simple, quantify fitness effects, and realize off-trainer exercise.

6. Flexibility

Investment in asset-light operations, without the need for large space, multiple equipment, multiple personnel, layered savings, to achieve a light-asset gym business model.

The above information is provided by ems sport training suit supplier.

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