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EMS Fitness Reminds You of the Precautions after Running(Part 1)

Sep. 29, 2020

Now fitness has become a popular craze for the whole people. From the previous exposure to delicious food and showing affection, to the current exposure to abdominal muscles, mermaid line, running volume, and clocking in. This is all a trend that people pay more attention to health, but running sports also has a lot of attention, a little carelessness has a great impact on the body. Our company provides exercise ems training suits.

When people are exercising, especially during aerobic exercises such as running, which is relatively vigorous and long, most of our body muscles will participate in the exercise. At this time, the blood flowing out of the heart will flow to the muscles of the limbs. When the running is over After a period of time, the limb muscles will still maintain a high blood volume. If you go to take a bath at this time, especially when hot water rushes to the body, it will cause the blood volume of the skin and superficial large muscle groups to increase greatly. This will cause insufficient blood volume in other parts, especially insufficiency of blood supply to the brain and heart, which can cause syncope or even heart disease, especially when the bathroom is closed and there is no air flow for a period of time. It's still very big, and it is very dangerous if it is not detected in time after fainting.

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Older runners and obese runners should pay more attention to their weaker cardiopulmonary function. If you go to a bath immediately after running or horse racing, you are more likely to have a safety hazard. On the other hand, after the exercise, the person is in a state of heat dissipation with enlarged pores. At this time, taking a bath will easily cause some sweat and dirt to be difficult to discharge, thereby affecting the normal metabolism. Therefore, it is not recommended to take a shower immediately after running. So the question is, how long is it to take a shower after running to be more beneficial to the human body?

1) Take a bath after running for 20 minutes or half an hour. Human body temperature basically returns to normal, sweat basically evaporates, and blood flow returns to normal at this time. This is a relatively scientific and safe time period.

2) Before taking a bath, you can do some stretching, which is conducive to the recovery of various functions of the body, so as to better adapt to the water temperature and the surrounding environment.

3) The water temperature should be adjusted appropriately. Generally speaking, the water temperature in winter does not exceed 42 degrees Celsius, and the water temperature in summer should be kept at 37 degrees Celsius. If the bath temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius and the time is too long, it may burn the skin.

4) Try to control the bathing time to about 20 minutes.

Running, exercise itself is a healthy and beautiful thing. After the exercise, a hearty and hearty experience is really good for you. But you must pay attention to certain things after exercise, otherwise accidents will easily occur. Only when the methods and methods are correct, can you truly protect your health.

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