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Ems ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Jan. 08, 2020

What is EMS?

EMS technology is to simulate human brain biological electrical signal and then the low frequency pulse current stimulate motor. Through setting the strength of the pulse current safety regulation, frequency, interval time, time, and adjust the contraction of muscle strength, it achieve development of muscle strength, reduce fat in shape, and purpose for the treatment of muscle tissue injury.

Ems ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

The origin of EMS

18 century: Luigi Galvani is a milestone of EMS training

19 century: Faraday and Dunchenne designed a mechanical current generator for local muscle control

20 century: Gildenmeister and Lapique et al., another milestone in the development of muscular electrical impulses, have published studies defining the effects of muscular electrical impulses on the nervous and muscular systems

21 century: The first full-body EMS device was launched in 2003

Ems ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

EMS development


EMS training has been applied in medical care and sports industry in Russia, Europe and America.


Because of successful development of commercial EMS fitness equipment, it has been recognized by the customer China's sports researchers also found that EMS is of great help to sports training. People began to study EMS technology.


EMS training has become very popular in Europe, and there are about 1000 brand studios specializing in EMS training.


Modern EMS is to stimulate each muscle group of human body through micro current, so as to achieve the whole body at the same time to exercise, reduce fat and shape the effect.

Ems ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Application scenarios


Private training studios and other large health clubs

-Health center

Members or users of home (mobile service)

beauty SPA

-Enterprise fitness

Physiotherapists working with the company

-Drug rehabilitation centre

Professional athletes, universities

Ems ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

EMS training feature

●save time and efficient

●Safe and reliable, it almost zero pressure on joints

●Improve nerve recruitment muscle capacity

●Find power quickly

●Muscles are more prone to fatigue and the effect is significant

●Systemic exercise can improve muscle imbalance and improve function (active, passive, cooperative, stable)

●It also stimulates various types of muscle fibers (fast and slow) (superficial and deep)

Ems ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Features of device

● internal resistance works to minimize sports injuries

● awakens muscles, improves maximum muscle strength and muscle endurance

● reduce fat, corrective figure to improve temperament

● toning and shaping, evenly and deeply stimulate all major muscle groups

● improve physical function and improve sports performance

● physical therapy for sports injury and back pain

Ems ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation)


1. Epilepsy, epilepsy

2. Equipped with pacemakers. Medical implant materials (stent, etc.)

3. People who are pregnant

4. Severe blood circulation disorder (thrombus) Abdominal hernia or inguinal hernia tuberculosis.Tumor disease

5. Advanced arteriosclerosis, severe neurological disease with arterial circulation disorder; Febrile illness acute bacterial or disease; Increased bleeding, bleeding tendency (hemophilia); Diseases related to internal organs (especially kidneys)

6. Wound, inflammation, burn on the electrode surface,

7. Allergy, eczema

8. Untreated high blood pressure; had surgery not long ago

Doctor's license


--Progressive muscular dystrophy

--Acute neuralgia without diagnosis of acute back pain


--Large amount of fluid in the body (abdomen, lungs, joints)


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