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EMS Electric Pulse Training: High-Tech in the Fitness Industry

Aug. 28, 2020

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology is a high-end medical technology originated from abroad. It was originally jointly developed by the former Soviet Union Aerospace Agency and NASA. The main purpose is to prevent astronauts from muscle atrophy in a weightless environment, and later as a new emerging Sports methods began to be introduced to the market.

The tense pace of life squeezes out our exercise time. The ems technology originally used in medical and aerospace industries has become a fast, effective and safe exercise method. With the increasing use of users, ems will also become a Epoch-making fitness technology achievements.

Human movement behavior is commanded by the central nerve of the brain, and then muscles contract to complete the action. The ems technology imitates this biological signal and directly "commands" the muscles to contract in the form of electrical impulses to achieve the exercise effect. When foreign athletes are doing high-intensity muscle training, they choose to use EMS products for training in order to avoid injury caused by the use of weight-bearing equipment.

Wearing EMS fitness suit, with the energy box to send bioelectric pulses to the major muscle groups of the body, let the muscles "move on their own", while combining somatosensory games, passive exercise and active exercise in the process, to achieve a multiplier effect.

Ems Fitness Suit

The movement of the human body is conducted by the bioelectric signals from the brain, through the nervous system, to reach the muscle tissue, so that the muscles complete the corresponding contraction actions.

The ems electric pulse training technology is to imitate the electrical signals of the human brain. The signal level medium and low frequency pulse current is transmitted to the motor nerve through the sweat gland induction technology. The muscle contraction force is adjusted by adjusting the pulse current intensity, frequency, interval time and other factors, such as commands Group muscles work together to achieve the purpose of developing muscle strength, treating muscle tissue damage, and reducing the appearance of fat.

Bote is an international health industry company specializing in the development, production and sales of EMS electrical pulse fitness equipment. It has a senior R&D team to develop ems fitness equipment, promote fitness technology, and lead the fitness industry into the 3.0 era. EMS exercises 2 times a week, 20 minutes each time, to shape the perfect body. Provide general exercises, stimulate 12 groups of muscles at the same time without dead ends, exercise for 2 hours and 20 minutes is equivalent to the traditional fitness effect, and help you quickly reach a fit body.

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