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What are the Advantages of Ems Exercise Suit?

May. 29, 2020

Fitness is just a human need, and the domestic fitness industry has been developing slowly compared to developed countries in Europe and the United States for a long time. In the final analysis, it is not that China's gyms are in short supply, but that traditional gyms cannot solve the practical problems of the modern urban population.

Ems Exercise Suit

Ems Exercise Suit

Relevant data show that 90% of people lack exercise in daily life, lack of exercise time, injury and illness, too painful training, boring exercise, and no training effect, so that most people can not insist on fitness. Is there any way to solve these pain points, activate users, and provide a new solution for modern fitness?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation, that is, muscle electrical stimulation technology. By simulating the biological electrical signals of the human brain, the motor nerves are directly stimulated by electrical pulses, causing muscle contraction movements, thereby achieving the effect of efficient fitness.

The advantages of Ems Exercise Suit are reflected in several aspects:

1. Meet the diverse training needs of customers. Muscle gain, fat reduction, exercise rehabilitation, postpartum recovery, etc.-EMS lazy fitness can practice different sports effects according to the different needs of trainers.

2. Save time. In today's fast-paced social environment, time is money. EMS lazy fitness can achieve the effect of traditional fitness 90 minutes in 20 minutes, and these 20 minutes include strength training and aerobic training and intermittent within the group.

3. Reduce joint pressure. In traditional resistance exercise, a large load is often used to assist training and increase training intensity. Obviously, this will put pressure on the joints and increase the risk of injury. With the existence of some special people, their joints can no longer bear such pressure. However, EMS lazy fitness training directly stimulates muscle neurons through external current, causing the target muscle group to contract without causing stress on the joints, which greatly reduces the risk of injury caused by weight bearing, and is the best choice for trainers.

4. Balance the muscular system. When EMS lazy fitness, the intensity of each part can be adjusted at will, wherever you want to practice. Through special electrode patches and training jackets, electrical pulses can directly stimulate special muscle groups to balance body strength.

It can be said that the favor of EMS lazy fitness for obtaining capital has developed rapidly in China, not only because it is special enough compared to traditional fitness, but also because EMS lazy fitness conforms to the principle of effect-oriented fitness industry.

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